Carstairs Artisan Market

Don James

Don James


Degree 1.

Focus is local to Carstairs and vicinity.


Degree 2.

Long history of working with diamond willow from locating wood, curing and carving to design and construction ofhome and office décor.

Add old and weathered planking and the effect is engaging.

Add parts of ‘sheddeer antlers and the conversation continues.

Add dabbling with ‘cat face’ aspen,  poplar and pin cherry and the options for décor grow.

All the joinery is mortise and tenon and/ or doweling.


This is legacy functional art meant to be conversational, retained and past down.


Several of the pieces will have some form of graphics carved/burned and or painted onto the surface that connect the piece with its story.


I think the pieces are are more than rustic because of theunique characteristics of the wood hence I think it is suitable for any décor theme.

Remember each piece will last for averrrry long time.

Each piece has a story from the exact location and setting that the wood came from to other events along the way to completion.


Degree 3. Along with the wood work I have had an ongoing history working with hawks and owls. So while I am out looking for birds I am also looking for suitable wood.

Hence I will incorporate rural scenes, birds and animals into the décor to reflect the story of the piece.